Pole Barns - Shops & Outbuildings

Need a barn to store equipment, firewood, livestock or for additional storage?

Gogenola Construction is your Bend and Central Oregon contractor for pole barns, shops and outbuildings.

If you want a conventional shop or outbuilding to store, or work on equipment & vehicles, Gogenola Construction can build you just about anything you want, and we can do it at a reasonable price

Or maybe you prefer a pole barn, which is a precisely engineered wood-frame structure suitable for a wide range of uses, from complex, high-end commercial buildings down to simple storage, machine sheds and agricultural buildings.

Post frame construction, also known as pole structures, are typically less expensive to build than traditional stick-built or all steel buildings.

Pole barns are economical buildings that go up quickly, offer incredible flexibility and can be finished any way you want. If you choose to finish the interior, pole barns offer superior energy efficiency compared to steel-frame, concrete block or stud wall construction. In some cases, a concrete slab will be added to the pole barn, however many pole barns have a simple dirt floor. The advantage to the dirt floor is mainly one of cost.

A pole barn is constructed with support poles that serve as the underlying support structure for the outer walls and roof. In most cases, the poles are beams of wood, rather than metal to produce a structure that is suitable for both livestock and additional storage.

In addition to the pole barn, the pole shed is also common. These storage sheds can be used to store wood, yard equipment, or just about anything you want.

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